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“Scarface School Play.”


That’s the title of this YouTube, above, and I’m not even going to try and top it with a clever pun. (Thanks to Erica K. of The Feminista Files for forwarding it, though.)

In the short, tykes recreate legendary moments from Brian De Palma’s 1983 classic, including the bloody shootout climax and demise of Tony Montana. (As you can see, above, a mound of popcorn makes a life-sized stand-in for Scarface’s desktop supply of coke, and the tiny actor has channeled the narco-mogul’s contemptuous sneer perfectly. Also, here, the word fudge repeatedly replaces a shorter, punchier expletive.)

From where the hell did this piece of genius, albeit evil genius, come?

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Biggest Losers: A Year In Mug Shots.


Here’s a clue: Everybody on this list of 2009’s thirty most memeorable mug shots probably has a sole New Year’s resolution: To stay out of jail in 2010.

Everyone except, maybe, Nicole “I’m-Takin’-All-Of-You-Wit’-Me” Marty, 24, above, who sat in the clink after hitting a utility pole with her car.

She, and Lexington, KY’s Henry Earl, 60, below. As of December 2009, Earl has been arrested 1,011 times for alcohol-related offenses. (That’s a YouTube retrospective of his police photos, below.)

If you see either one of ’em, run!


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At Least He’s Still Got His Winning Smile: Check Out Sammy Sosa’s Shiny, New, Light-Colored Skin.


Oh, my goodness: What is happening to retired Chicago Cubs right-fielder Sammy Sosa’s face?

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Marijuana for Kids.


A children’s book about pot sounds pretty much like a non-starter. So, when I found out that such a text existed, I absolutely had to see it, meet the author, and ask what on Earth had moved him to create such a reader.

What most struck me about Ricardo Cortés, author of It’s Just a Plant, was his willingness to have the discussion; his reasonable, non-combative air; and that apparently he’d completely thought through his entire argument, and was generally able to address each question I had.

That, and a definite modicum of courage. Even as a person who has never smoked or drank anything mind-altering, not even a Coca-Cola, I thought the idea of doing such a book brave, perhaps even necessary.

Mostly, though, as opposed to backing away from tough topics, I believe the fact that a subject is difficult makes a greater case for books on it, and that such treatises are the reason we have a 1st Amendment in the United States.

Since that conversation, I’ve had Cortés back to talk about his counter-terrorism coloring book, I Don’t Want to Blow You Up!, also published by his company, Magic Propaganda Mill. As well, It’s Just a Plant has been translated into other languages, including Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and, of course, Thai.

But you can revisit our meeting, as Ricardo Cortés is the guest today on this repeat edition of my WBAI-NY / 99.5 FM radio show, NONFICTION, this afternoon, Friday, April 10, at 2 pm ET.

You can hear this ideas by tuning in at 2 pm. If you’re outside of the New York tri-state, check out our stream on the web. If you miss the live show, dig into our archives for up to 90 days after broadcast.

Beauty and the Blow.

Laura Elena Zuniga Huizar, 23, taking home the crown at the Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa 2008 in July.Zuniga Huizar after her arrest in December.

As these photos, above, demonstrate, Mexican beauty contest winner Laura Elena Zuniga Huizar, 23, doesn’t flash her terawatt smile in all of her pictures. That’s Zuniga, atop, beaming broadly, after taking home the crown at the Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa (“Our Sinaloa Beauty”) 2008 contest in July.

But that’s also Zuniga, directly above, moments after her December arrest, in what the Associated Press called a “gun-filled truck,” one of two rolling in lockstep, weighted down with “a large stash of weapons, including two AR-15 assault rifles, 38 specials, 9mm handguns, nine magazines, 633 cartridges and $53,300 in U.S. currency.” (Seven alleged gunmen were also captured in the sting.)

Zuniga told police that she was planning on traveling to Bolivia and Colombia with the men to go shopping, [Jalisco state police director, Francisco Alejandro] Solorio said.

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Jones-ing for “The Clear.”

In mourning?

I don’t think disgraced track star Marion Jones-Thompson, above, was entirely forthcoming during her one-on-one appearance, yesterday, on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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Do These People Need a Shrank?

Purple stuff

After launching in their hometown earlier this summer—where Houston-based Innovative Beverage Group Holdings (IBGH) says it’s “flying off the shelves”—the company has finally brought their #1 stunna, Drank, to the New York market.

“Calming Drink Captures True Taste of Hip Hop Culture,” notes the company’s release.

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A Higher Authority, Indeed…


Feds raided the nation’s largest kosher slaughterhouse last week when, after a six-month probe, they established that a crystal meth lab was being operated out of the plant, and that employees were bringing weapons with them when they came to work.

At Agriprocessors, in Potsville IA,

a former plant supervisor told investigators that some 80 percent of the workforce was illegal. They included rabbis responsible for kosher supervision, who the source believed entered the United States from Canada without proper immigration documents. The source did not provide evidence for his suspicion about the rabbis. …

At least 300 people were arrested Monday during the raid, for which federal authorities had rented an expansive fairground nearby to serve as a processing center for detainees.

Barack Obama Will Lift Us, As a Nation…Take Us Higher…

Pot Shots

Oh, for the good old days, when the only pot shots Barack Obama had to worry about were people criticizing him for sucking down a few sticks of Chocolate Thai…brilliant stuff from Michael Stevens, the brain behind CamPain 2008.

Hey: What is Barack Obama’s drug policy, anyway?