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Congratulations, Sears, on Winning the “All-Time Most Completely Unnecessary Use of Breakdancing in a Television Commercial” Award.

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To Terrorize Y’All’s Neighborhoods.


Sideshow Collectibles brings it, again, with this astounding, 12″, fully poseable Michael Jackson, from his legendary, 1983 “Thriller” video.

900609_press17-001From manufacturer Hot Toys’ Icon series, the 1/6th scale figure features, right,

• Hot Toys’ slim version TrueType body with over 32 points of articulation
• 2 interchangeable heads – Michael Jackson head and MJ Zombie head
• 2 costumes (original red jacket and pants & zombie suit)
• 2 pairs of white socks with black shoes
• Five (5) sets of interchangeable hands and one (1) additional posing right hand
• 12-inches figure stand with the classic Thriller title and Michael Jackson nameplate

The accessories enable you to alternately create either the cute, moviegoing Michael Jackson, above right, or the zombie MJ, above top, with only one purchase.

I’ll make a bet, watch my words: Some brilliant, self-taught white kid living in Minnesota, or Kansas, is going to get one of these, a video camera that shoots still frames, and recreate the entire zombie dance sequence from “Thriller” using this, as an animation project. Me, I wanna get two of them and make ’em fight each other. Hot Toys’ Michael Jackson “Thriller” 12-inch Figure, out 1st Qtr 2010, $189.99.

[via Tomopop.com]

The Fast and the Furious Five.


All of us can remember people who who changed us forever. I’m talking about those individuals whose advice gave us needed direction when our lives came to diverging paths. There, we had to make a choice about what we’d do, and, though we didn’t know it then, that decision would affect the rest of our existences. They’re the people without whom our personal stories would be pale, unremarkable versions of the glorious ones we ultimately chose, and now inhabit.

vin-diesel-picture-1Well, I don’t who this person was in the case of young Mark Vincent, above. However, I do know that the mature Vin Diesel, right, and the world, are eternally grateful for three specific bits of counsel he accepted:

1) “Mark Vincent…I dunno. Vincent…Vincent…um…Vin? Don’t you think “Vin” would be catchier?

2) “Lose the ‘fro.”

3) “STOP BREAKDANCING. You have no talent, or flava, whatsoever.”

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So You Think You Can Dance?

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I’m so tired of TV commercials with dancing by wack b-boys. But in this spot for T-Mobile’s Sidekick LX, music, editing, and, especially, performances work together to create something truly outrageous. You may have seen the 30-second version of this ad on TV. That’s the 1-minute take, above. Get down.

Obama and McCain Are Locked in Vicious B-Boy Battle to the Very End.

“Can’t touch this!”

“I’m fresh!”

It’s getting tight out there on the campaign trail, with Obama and McCain fighting it out for every single vote. But when it comes down to it, there’s really only one way to settle a campaign so harshly contested: A dance-off, plus an extra-special tie-breaker!

Hit the Dance Floor Before the Books

“Aaaaaaah…shake it girl!”

It takes a lot for me to watch white people dance with Black people and forget that I’m watching white people dance with Black people. Target’s “Happy Together” spot, agencied by Wieden + Kennedy Portland (of NIKE fame) and directed by Mike Maguire, doesn’t come close, but may be pointed in the right direction. (YouTube has it linked to the screenshot, above. However, I’d suggest you check out the QuickTime on the Coloribus.com web site, which is, as well as being clearer, downloadable.)

And since you’ve been wondering, the sexy track and video is “Calabria 2007” by Enur feat. Natasja.

Also, did you notice the line we just crossed?

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How Not To Belly-Dance.

“I love doing this!”

More and more women are belly-dancing to lose weight, get in shape, improve their self-image, liven up their relationships, or simply to learn a beautiful form of traditional expression. If they dance like this woman does though, they’ll get none of those benefits, boyee.

Mad Royal Flava

“Hit me!”

Is there anything more inspiring than seeing the man next in line to the throne popping and locking?

Yeah, probably.

Cyd Charisse, 1922-2008

Truly lovely…In the 1953 Vincente Minnelli musical, The Band Wagon, there’s a fantastic sequence called “The Girl Hunt,” in which dance great Fred Astaire, as gumshoe Rod Riley, searches for a mysterious ingenue. Numerous close calls and clues lead him to a gangster nightspot, Dem Bones Cafe, where upon entering, he suddenly catches sight of a woman, her hair coal-black, leaning ravenously against the bar in a dark green full-length coat.

For a second, there is no movement in the shot whatsoever. Watching it on video, one initially has the confusing impression that they’re looking at a still frame, until they notice the woman’s slow, deep breathing.

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Not Quite “Negro Day”: HarryAllen.info’s Hairspray:
The Hardcore Hip-Hop Remix!

Black to the ’50s…
Such nice, white kids: Corny Collins and crew give you the finger

TITLE: HarryAllen.info’s Hairspray: The Hardcore Hip-Hop Remix!

LENGTH: 3:51

QUESTION: Have you ever noticed that the “Nicest Kids in Town” dance sequence, from the hit 2007 musical, Hairspray, syncs perfectly with “Ante Up (Remix),” the 2000 Funkmaster Flex track by M.O.P., Busta Rhymes, and Remy Ma?

STORY: It’s 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland. Tracy Turnblad (Nicole Blonsky) is in school, merely tolerating chemistry class, anxiously waiting for it to end. When the bell finally rings, she dashes out and grabs her best friend, Penny Pingleton (Amanda Bynes). “Penny! Come on, hurry!” she urges. “Push, we’re late!”

While the two run fast as they can over to Tracy’s house, in a darkened studio across town, camera crews set up shots and slickly-dressed teens spin on their heels, taking special care to “douse their ‘do’s'” in Ultra Clutch. It’s The Corny Collins Show! One minute to air!

Tracy and Penny burst through the door and turn on the television, just in time for the start of their favorite weekday afternoon TV program. Soon, they’re moving to the beat as Corny (James Marsden), Link Larkin (Zac Efron), and “the nicest kids in town” do the hottest dances to the latest song!

INSTRUCTIONS: Forward this to your friends! Though audio is NSFW, play loudly, share widely, and enjoy!

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