Not Quite “Negro Day”:’s Hairspray:
The Hardcore Hip-Hop Remix!

Black to the ’50s…
Such nice, white kids: Corny Collins and crew give you the finger

TITLE:’s Hairspray: The Hardcore Hip-Hop Remix!

LENGTH: 3:51

QUESTION: Have you ever noticed that the “Nicest Kids in Town” dance sequence, from the hit 2007 musical, Hairspray, syncs perfectly with “Ante Up (Remix),” the 2000 Funkmaster Flex track by M.O.P., Busta Rhymes, and Remy Ma?

STORY: It’s 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland. Tracy Turnblad (Nicole Blonsky) is in school, merely tolerating chemistry class, anxiously waiting for it to end. When the bell finally rings, she dashes out and grabs her best friend, Penny Pingleton (Amanda Bynes). “Penny! Come on, hurry!” she urges. “Push, we’re late!”

While the two run fast as they can over to Tracy’s house, in a darkened studio across town, camera crews set up shots and slickly-dressed teens spin on their heels, taking special care to “douse their ‘do’s'” in Ultra Clutch. It’s The Corny Collins Show! One minute to air!

Tracy and Penny burst through the door and turn on the television, just in time for the start of their favorite weekday afternoon TV program. Soon, they’re moving to the beat as Corny (James Marsden), Link Larkin (Zac Efron), and “the nicest kids in town” do the hottest dances to the latest song!

INSTRUCTIONS: Forward this to your friends! Though audio is NSFW, play loudly, share widely, and enjoy!

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#1 Sam on 05.30.08 at 6:36 am

ROFLMAOOOOOO I can picture you on that plane cackin’ yourself, immersed in your own private joke, while the steward is pulling the refreshment tray and the big dude beside you is thinking WTF is his problem!!!! TOOOOOO funny Harry 🙂

#2 COURTNEY STARRBURST on 08.30.10 at 12:54 pm


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