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That Peculiar Noise Art Makes.

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Perhaps lecturing at the University of Iowa last night, about pics I took a quarter-century ago of Public Enemy’s founding members, has put me in a reflective state of mind. (That presentation went grrreat, by the way, and I’m expecting to do it at other schools. E- me if you can help make this happen.)

Right now, though, check out this clip of The Art of Noise, shot at Wembley Arena for the “Produced by Trevor Horn” Prince’s Trust fundraiser, November 11, 2004, as the band performs a live version of their ill, 1984 masterwork, “Close (to the Edit).”

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O.K.: This Is Definitely the Last Time You Should Let That Guy Shave You.


By combining apparently unlimited skill with a surgeon’s mental database of the body’s physical structures, surrealist artist Valerio Carrubba creates images that are, on one hand, ghastly, yet, on the other, profoundly tender and humane. Or, maybe this guy, above, just looks that way.

[via core.form-ula.com]