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Just Blaze: Is the @TheMegatronDon Actually Not a “Super Producer,” or Did XXL Magazine Just Super FAIL?


Early this evening, I tweeted famed hip-hop producer Just Blaze, above, with a simple question:


For the record, here’s the list, from the magazine, about which I was speaking:

10. Scott Storch
9. Wyclef Jean
8. The RZA
7. Swizz Beatz
6. Jermaine Dupri
5. The Neptunes
3. Kanye West
2. Sean “Puffy” Combs
1. Dr. Dre

Now, though I know or have met almost all 10 of these, the talented names on XXL magazine’s list of knob-twiddlers, I don’t know Just Blaze. I do know of his reputation. However, I haven’t met him, and didn’t even really expect him to reply.

So, I was a bit suprised when, fewer than ten minutes later, I got this tweet:

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True Gay Crime Stories.

screen5Gay Tony‘s hitman, Luis Lopez, lights up the night

The audacious geniuses of Rockstar North are back, appropriately, with a vengeance. (That is, if you can believe the word of someone who used to work for the parent company.)

The Ballad of Gay Tony, second Xbox downloadable episode for the multi-million-selling Grand Theft Auto IV, is out October 29th. (The biker thriller, The Lost and The Damned, was released on February 17.)

The first of Gay Tony‘s, certainly, several trailers, each deepening the sordid narrative of the game’s fictional Liberty City, dropped yesterday. Titled, “You’ll Always Be the King of This Town,” it’s a whirlwind of beautifully chaotic scandal.

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Old Spice: Making Macho Mucho.


I wouldn’t put Old Spice on a boil. This commercial, “Different Scents for Different Gents,” by Nike’s longtime ad agency, Wieden + Kennedy, though, is packed to the nooks and crannies with machismo. In fact, I may buy some just to stick on the shelf. You know: To unduly impress the wife. Now, all I need is a gallon-jug of Hai Karate and I’m strizzaight.

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