Give Me a Break.

Barack Opimpa.

Come on: I get it that, right about now, Ebony is probably starving for any kind of contact with Obama, or for any reason to put him on the cover, but seriously….

Thanks to Hip-Hop Crunch for this. It’s certainly not that I think the subject of Black cool is beyond contemplation, even, perhaps, in the superficial way to which Ebony is committed.

But is Obama cool? (Without the shades, I mean.) Really? I guess I’ll just have to stay thankful for these alternate covers, below.

Too cold, too cold….



#1 Bahiyah on 07.15.08 at 2:56 pm

I HAD to respond to this one, because I also thought it was out of date/out of place/reaching…and stretching….and reaching a little farther.

Everytime I walked by another newstand, I became more confused…Muhammad Ali? Jay-Z? Prince? Then Barack looking like a secret service bodyguard? Where are we going here?

We, as a black community, have so much to be thankful for- the perceptions of the black community, from the inside out, are being balanced by Barack right now…to the good! So powerful …these Ebony covers look like cheap “insert your picture” type of covers. Who made this decision?

Black Cool? Is that a new concept? I think if the Ebony folks could take a step back, they would realize that something is amiss…if they were trying to form a connection to the old and new “black tastemakers/cultural landscapers/artists/performers”, they could have created one cover- reminiscent of the Essence “Old/New Hollywood” covers, where the old gaurde were being honored by the new, and left out Barack, who is NOT an entertainer…This looks like a disjointed attempt to create a cultural link between our upcoming president and other black entertainers- what, at a glance, does that say? How are we defining our own value as a community when we look at these photos?

It’s simply confusing…Words, and images, hold power!

#2 joseph on 07.15.08 at 5:30 pm

I’m wondering. yes wondering, what difference does it make. If the democrats ran a rat for president, we Africans, born in america, would vote for the rat because we vote over 90% democratic no matter who and what is the runner.

so what’s all this talk about Obama. Obama is not
a Black savior. why cant folk see that. if and when obama is elected it will be because he received enough white votes to put him over the top.

If obama wins Georgia, Miss, N.C., Ohio, Fl, Mich, N.M. (maybe VA), it will surprise the hell out of me.


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