Hearts aflame….A house-sized Thank You to everyone whose been reading Media Assassin, whose passed around links to the posts, whose posted to the forums, and whose subscribed to our feed during our now-ending first week. There’s nothing like the excitement of writing these articles in the dark, sending them out into the ether, then watching the analytics come in. Please keep reading, forwarding, and posting. We’ll work to keep it interesting and varied.

Extra-special thanks to Carmen Van Kerckhove ( and Chello (, for linking to what was, apparently, last week’s Media Assassin hit: “I’m Older Than Michelle Obama, and I’m Not Proud of America Yet.”

Chello’s aggregator site is newer to me, but also insightful, and the first place I saw the New York Times link reporting that U.S. adult incarceration had was now above 1%.

Carmen I’ve met, worked with, and I rely on Racialicious for seemingly scouring every corner of the net for thoughtful race critique, like this piece on Vivienne Westwood’s perhaps-well-meaning-yet-somehow-still-wrong ad campaign. You can always find her site listed—our first—on Media Assassin‘s blogroll. Rock on.


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#1 Carmen Van Kerckhove on 03.03.08 at 2:17 pm

Thank YOU Harry! I’m excited to watch as your blog develops. It’s long overdue. 🙂

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