Say What You Want About the Chinese, But They Sure Know How to Put on a Show.

Boom, shake the room…

I was actually kinda blasé about the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, at the outset, so I didn’t really tune in, initially, or check out the opening ceremonies.

Boy, was that a mistake.

Hallucinogenic might be the sanest word to describe the closing ceremonies, and probably the opening ceremonies, too, from the clips I’ve seen. (I can only imagine the shock that people who tuned in, not knowing what to expect, must have experienced.)

“You can’t mess with me.”In truth and retrospect, I’d have turned it on just for the opening, had I known director Zhang Yimou, right, (Ju Dou; Raise the Red Lantern; Hero; House of Flying Daggers) was involved. Somehow, he took his rich obsessions with light, form, and chroma and made them three-dimensional, intricate, and even fun.

Thankfully, NBC is cashing in with DVD sales, $29.99 for a two-DVD set, but, I dunno. This deserves a Blu-Ray hi-def treatment, and I don’t see any word on when we can expect that. Hope it’s extremely soon.



#1 Ms. Porter on 08.25.08 at 3:02 pm

I knew 8-8-08 was special! Bejing put on a spectacular feat that will be very difficult to match as far as production and olympiad records broken. Talk about Eye candy–bejing went out with a bang! Almost forgot how it’s really going down.
Sidebar: Now we return you to our regularly scheduled (non)broadcast of Chinese Poltics sans Tibet.

#2 sirensongs on 08.26.08 at 2:38 am

You are aware that at least 2 things in the Olympics opening ceremony have been proven to have been faked (the child singer and the fireworks)?

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