Solange Knowles Best.

“Oh, we gonna have to throw down, girl!”

Unless I’m wrong, Solange Knowles’ tempest-in-a-thimble with KVVU-TV’s Monica Jackson wasn’t the most interesting note to come out of the 2:28 clip.

The most odd detail is that she, perhaps inadvertantly, confirmed Jay-Z’s marriage to her older sister, Beyoncé, by making mention of her “brother-in-law’s establishment,” and thus affirming she has a legal, familial relationship with him through marriage.

“I’m starved!”As anyone with even a moth’s passing interest knows, the couple kept their relationship under ultra-tight wraps, never publicly confirming it. Nor would they admit to being married in early April, despite leaks detailing the same, and documented signs of wedding-related activity outside the rapper’s capacious New York apartment. (Even when directly asked if he’s married, in the current VIBE magazine cover story, right, the rapper demurs.)

By “establishment,” Knowles was referring to Jay-Z’s Las Vegas 40/40 Club, which, one could imagine, given Jay’s hustler / mogul image, embarrasedly closed this week after opening just this past December.

The local story was of obvious interest to the FOX Las Vegas affiliate, but Knowles wasn’t having it. Hopefully her new album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, will make as much noise as her interviews.



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