I Get It: That’s What She Was Looking At. ‘Cause She Definitely Wasn’t Answering the Questions.

“Oh, quick: What’s next?”

Still confused by Sarah Palin’s performance in the debate, despite Tina Fey’s clarfiying parody? Couldn’t shake the feeling she was getting her answers from a lower intelligence in an alternate dimension?

Aden Nak’s brilliant ph33r and loathing blog is about to make it all clear as the space between the Alaskan governor’s ears: From his “Moosehunter” post: Sarah Palin’s debate cheat sheet, above.

Plus, after you’ve made sense of it, inform the masses—or as Chuck D would say, them asses—with a tasteful T-shirt, mug, thong, or other schwag to which said explanatory graphic has been thoughtfully affixed.

Now, if Mr. Nak would only create a chart that would explain the $700B bailout, or, better yet, Bush’s logic and the last five-and-a-half years in Iraq, I’d proffer The Nobel would be his next prize, not just 10,798 hungry Diggs.

[via BoingBoing]



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