“Bush sucks!”

In a new Funny or Die short, director Ron Howard briefly steps away from his Panaflex, shaves his beard, clips his nose hair, covers his bald pate, re-inhabits the classic roles of “Opie Taylor” (The Andy Griffith Show) and, above left, “Richie Cunningham,” (Happy Days), then, enlisting the help of famed actors Andy Griffith and, above right, Henry Winkler as Happy Days’ “The Fonz,” goes back in time somewhat, encouraging people to vote for Barack Obama. Now, all we need are the cast of The Wire to do the same thing.


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#1 hottnikz on 10.28.08 at 7:42 pm

I viewed it on Huffpo, it was a pretty cool video. Didn’t realize ole Andy was still around. Nor could I imagine him voting Dem, but looks are deceiving.

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