Man, That’s Just Wrong.

Gimme a nice big kiss!

You may or may not think U.S. secretary of state Condoleezza Rice is an attractive woman, and, politically, she’s certainly reprehensible, if not criminal.

“Murderer!”But, wow: Beyond the Punchline‘s Kevin Robertson went for both sets of jugulars in this caricature, above, of Condi’s encounter last fall with CodePink protester Desiree Farooz, right. Broo-tal, dude.



#1 San on 11.03.08 at 9:17 pm

caricature is a weird weird art. but how is it that black folk always tend to look a bit jar jar binks-ish or ey-ore-ish…?

and personal opinion she is a naturally attractive woman who’s groomed and polished to the nth degree.

probably hoping that her presentation would make her a slightly different target for caricature …

but beauty and its opposite lie in the eye of the beholder and i guess white folk aesthetic laps up the black-as-animal-preferably-donkey-portrayal, which must suggest white folks are everything donkey isn’t … i guess.

#2 libhomo on 11.04.08 at 2:58 pm

He could have gone after her looks in ways that didn’t involve racial stereotyping.

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