Stop Showing Off Yer Stuff, Honey.

“Tee hee hee hee hee!!!”

Do you love your dog to death, but feel that the way the bitch proudly parades her business through the streets, tail held high, is, from a homo sapiens perspective, just a tad…indecorous?

So did Virginia Commonwealth University art student Meg Roberts. However, instead of just averting her eyes—like you do—she fashioned an anus-cloaking, tastefully enameled triangular copper piece, with delicate white and pink accents, and “a hinged door that falls open with gravity.”

Apparently, the object, appropriately titled A Lady Never Reveals Too Much, is a one-off, and Roberts has no plans to market it.

To which I say, Meg: Do you want to be a starving artist all your life? Do you know how many blue-haired, Upper East Side, New York City matrons would happily strap a gold-plated, diamond-encrusted one over Fifi’s sourpuss?

[via ExtremeCraft]



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