Mini-Me’s Drive-In.

That’s a little light!

Listing for about $430, Optoma USA’s PK-101 PICO Pocket Projector puts the power of DLP projection inside a 4 oz., 4″ x 2″ box. Or, as they say,

Smaller than most smart phones, this new micro-portable projector fits in your palm and is the ideal companion to ultra-portable media devices such as iPods®, PDA’s, smart phones and digital cameras.

Pico connected to iPodWhen connected to an ultra-mobile device, the four-ounce Optoma Pico Projector allows users to share photos and videos, and enjoy a far better visual experience with an image that is up to 100 times larger than the small screen of the source device.

In his NY Times review, tech editor David Pogue wrote,

You can sit this little gizmo on your airplane tray table and project onto the seat back in front of you. (Yes, I tried it.) You get a dazzlingly bright, sharp, vivid video image about a foot across, so that you and your immediate seatmates can all watch.

(Or shine the projector onto the plane’s ceiling. The three-foot movie image completely baffles everyone within several rows; nobody can figure out where it’s coming from. I tried that, too. It was fun.)

Or you can park the projector on a little tripod — it comes with a tiny, screw-in tripod adapter — and project tonight’s dorm-room Wii marathon onto a bed sheet or someone’s T-shirt.

Or you can lie in bed and point the thing straight up. In a dark room, you’ll have yourself a huge, bright movie playing on the ceiling.

What would you do with this device?

It’s so utterly cool, I’m thinking that there’s gotta be some really awesomely incredible thing you can do with this that I’m overlooking because it can’t actually light up an entire room. Yet, still, I want one! HELP!

[via NY Times]



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