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Kirk and Spock “fanfic”

Fan fiction, or fanfic, is a literary subgenre where super-obsessed viewers of a given TV show or film write their own stories, based on the characters and conventions of that film or show, exploring new or different narrative directions that don’t appear in the original. (For example, in Lord of the Rings, having Frodo and Sam trying to kill, and take the throne from the king, Aragorn.)

Slash is a subunit of fanfic, typically written by women, that enages the otherwise straight male characters of a narrative in homosexual sex with each other. For example, at each rest stop, having Frodo toss Sam’s salad.

Without question, one of the longest ongoing and most voluminous bodies of slash belongs to the original Star Trek universe, which, for some reason, compels fans to create bodice-rippers based on the misadventures of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

This YouTube seems to do the same thing. It posits the question, “What if they hadn’t made it to Vulcan in time?”—a reference to “Amok Time,” the ST episode in which Spock, suffering septennial physical and psychological duress, must return to his home planet to mate, or else die.

Then the totally SFW, sepia-toned piece cuts together furtive glances, cold stares, Vulcan mind melds, shots of crew members in discomfort, and other Star Trek detritus over Nine Inch Nails’ tense “Closer.” The video’s maker dryly, but hilariously, fashions something almost with the feel of a Star Trek snuff film. Great stuff, but let’s hope Paramount doesn’t get any ideas.

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