Disney Bites…Disney?

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It’s common knowledge that, after masterpieces like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Fantasia, and other features, Disney animated films kinda went into the toilet. This was particularly true in the 1960s and ’70s, as the studio turned out uninspired crap like The Fox and the Hound, The Aristocats, and more.

However, what’s not been truly clarified, at least until now, is how demoralized the company had to be by the rampant cost-cutting at the studio during that time in order to do this: Create new films by merely retracing sequences from their old ones.

The (apparently French) editor of this short YouTube clip, above, has clipped shots from a number of Disney animated works, like The Jungle Book. Comparing them, he shows that animators of that era were not inspired by their past works, but merely sampling them: Literally redoing their cues with new characters.

Blecch. Thankfully, Disney Animation has since been taken over by Pixar, a company which it owns, and whose track record for storytelling and image quality are pretty much unchallenged. (Reportedly, they also treat their talent well. Disney had a reputation for mismanaging their work staff that, even into this century, was widely known.)

But what the Mouse’s House has made clear is that their problem was never a “2-D vs. 3-D” one. Their problem was imagination, and creating an environment in which it thrived. Sadly, the skills it takes to make that flourish can’t be copied from a movie, literally or otherwise.


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#1 KRZ on 04.17.09 at 6:45 am

How did I never notice this before?
Haha, incredible 🙂
Had a lot of fun watching this.
I guess their motive is like :

“Never change the winning team” Or something..

Did anyone see the recent South Park episode about the Jonas Brothers and Disney? Lovely.

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