So, That’s Why Those Guys From Bensonhurst Are Always Grabbing Their Nuts: They’re Just Telling You How to Get to Their Neighborhood.


They’re not being hostile, with their loud noises and passionate facial expressions. They’re excited about inviting you over! That’s what I realized after looking at Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based Cosmic Arts EnterprisesPenis NYC Subway Map. It imagines one of the world’s biggest rail mass transit systems as an even bigger male sex organ. (Go ahead: Click on the image to to, um, enlarge it.) Not only does the graphic rudely, though perhaps poetically, cast the most populous borough as the meaty scrotum of our great metropolis. Do you think I’ll see going from Harlem to Wall St., down the city’s flaccid shaft, to get to WBAI quite the same way ever again? Fuggedaboutit!



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#1 Tolu on 04.27.09 at 1:48 pm

This reminds me of the New York rapper, Papoose’s rhyme:

“All I got is my word and my nuts, man I got Brooklyn in my ba**s/
So you could see Bed-Stuy if you lookin’ in my draws/”

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