DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!! There’s a Life-Sized Lost In Space Robot Standing in Your Living Room!!


An anonymous collector has decided to part with his certainly much-beloved, actual-size B-9, as the Lost In Space robot’s model number is well known to aficionados of the 1960s sci-fi series. He’s selling it on Ebay, and the retailer managing the sale describes the toy this way:

13If you are a baby boomer who grew up in the 1960’s (as I did), then you will certainly remember the lovable robot from the TV series “Lost in Space.” Talking back to Dr. Smith and warning Will Robinson, the robot was arguably the most popular character on the show.

Now is your opportunity to own a replica of the actual B9 robot from “Lost in Space.” This robot has been built by the talented team at B9 Creations. The guys at B9 are licensed to produce these robots so there are no copyright infringements to worry about. They also have used the actual TV robot to create very accurate molds. In addition, the robot is quite animated, meaning – he moves, speaks and lights up.

The robot measures approx. 7 feet tall and weighs approx. 200 pounds. In fact, his speech is taken from the man who did the voice of the robot in the 1960’s TV series. This robot is ready to ship immediately. Includes 3 original boxes, DVD instructions and remote control.

lost_in_spaceI was born on November 27, 1963, exactly five days after the Kennedy assassination. So Lost In Space, which ran from 1965 to 1968, then afterwards in syndication, was some of the first TV I ever saw. Needless to say, it holds a warm place in my heart.

Goofy as the adventures of the Robinson family, right, seem now, I’m sure that the show played a seminal role in forming my love for the fantastic, in both science-fiction and science. I definitely wanted to be Will Robinson as a kid, though that was both before I noticed race, or that these explorers wore such horrifying colors. (Our massive, 25″ TV—the only one in the house—was black and white.)

In fact, here’s a story that, til now, only my family knew:

remco1aWhen I was a pre-school tyke, my parents bought me a battery-operated toy LIS robot, probably exactly like this ambulatory little number, here, and right. I loved it! It had lights and made machine noises, and I was so fond of the little gadget that I carried it with me to bed, the way some kids take teddy bears.

Anyway, one night, I must have rolled over in my bed and flipped the ON switch…and the robot started rumbling and flashing, immediately waking me up out of sleep. I was so terrified by the sudden lights and noise that I jumped out of bed and ran to my parents room! They calmed me down, turned the toy off, put me back in bed, and probably laughed about it behind my back.

The next day, I took a hammer, and smashed that toy to bits. What I remember most was hitting his “bubblehead” over and over as I told him how much he’d terrified me, but even more my infantile sense of betrayal. I really felt my plaything had turned against me.

The saddest part is, if I’d held on to it, I could probably get some serious coin, today. “Remco produced toy replicas of the Robot that are highly sought-after in today’s collectors’ market,” says the Ebay post. “In mint condition, the toy now sells for about $750!” Like, a chuck o’ rent money!

Oh, well. I guess I’ll just have to get one of these. Lost in Space Robot B9 Replica: $17,990, or best offer. Auction ends July 7.



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