“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, FRIENDS AND DISTINGUISHED GUESTS!!: The Honorable Mrs. Dr. Michael Eugene Misick, First Lady of Turks and Caicos Islands!”

LisaRaye Smooth cover

I’m not exactly a huge LisaRaye fan.

I think she’s really pretty, and, in some instances, astonishingly so. When she’s lit well and in motion—like she is in this ignominiously titled YouTube clip, “Lisa raye lookin sexy big butt”—her face has a sculptural quality, an interesting-from-any-angle form. I loved her in 2Pac’s “Toss Is Up” video, much less in The Players Club…and don’t even mention the execrable All of Us.

But when I first saw the inside-gatefold cover of Smooth, issue #36, above, I have to admit I was actually a little disappointed.

I mean, come on, LisaRaye: You’re the wife of a head of state. Is this really necessary? You don’t see Barbara Bush wavin’ her jub-jubs at the camera, do you? (Who does she think she is: Angela Merkel?)

Well, I guess she could always say she’s doing it to encourage tourism. But then why not smile?

I hope that it’s not because someone recently charged her husband with rape. Here he is, denying it, and refusing to talk about it.


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#1 miami_vice on 05.03.08 at 11:10 am

celebrities are hoodrats too …

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