“I’d rather have lots of breast milk than a million melons!”

Truly a big girl now.
Soon we’re gonna need a bigger couch: Eliza Robinson, 7, cozies up to mother, Veronica, for a tasty snack

Kids say the darndest things: The quote, above, comes from a 2005 UK documentary, Extraordinary Breastfeeding.

The 60-minute film features British women who’ve continued to suckle their young past the recommended age of 2 1/4, and some well into elementary school. Bethany Robinson, older daughter of Veronica, above, who prefers milk to melons, or even, as she says in one clip, mangoes, breastfed until age 5. Her sister, Eliza, above, is nearly 8.

I’m a person who strongly supports the breast-feeding of infants for the nutritional, emotional, and health benefits it bequeaths the child. I don’t believe bottles and formula can replace these, but I’m not gonna Tom Cruise this. Obviously, mothers have to knowledgeably work this out with thoughtful pediatricians.

However, this doc—that is, what I’ve seen on producers RDF International’s web site, and on YouTube—utterly confuses me.

Is this about mothers, taking a super-vital, super-personal interest in their children’s health and well-being; sort of the lactic equivalent of home-schooling?

Or is this merely “crazy white people stuff”; overindulgence; taking a good thing past the limits of appropriateness and sense?




#1 joseph on 05.20.08 at 2:22 pm

a friend of mine suckkled her son until he was 5 years of age. yes! but she was caucasion.

i can see my mother now turning in her grave. she’d say, “that child aint the matter, its her mammy’s the problem, that’s who it is…”

and then she’d laugh showing gums or false teeth… “that bitch is crazy, that she is, the bitch is crazy, aint nothing but a fool…”

#2 new age on 05.20.08 at 2:30 pm

That’s utterly gross. For all we know these kids have become dependent on women who like the idea of their breast being licked. Yea I like the sensation too….WHEN I’M WITH MY ADULT SIGNIFICANT OTHER! Uuug GROSS!

#3 Robert Galinsky on 05.21.08 at 2:07 am

I think it’s great that the news of this kind is covered and published. Exciting! Breast feeding a child at to the age of 5 or 8 is not good for the kid but is not going to destroy the kid, or make a bad adult out o’ the kid necessarily. I do think it’s perverted and weird for the mom to do this and a kinky relationship wants to have with her son when she should be having it with the author, ‘new age’, fro the other post on this thread. That’s a good kink to me.

#4 Juliette on 05.21.08 at 2:14 am

I find this hard to look at…..Im really not quite sure what to say…….yuck doesnt seem to cut it….neither does gross……thinking this takes the whole concept of mothering to another level………rolling my cyber eyes

#5 shaynuh on 05.21.08 at 10:07 pm

as a white person, i concur-it’s crazy white people stuff.

people do all sorts of dumb crap trying to be good parents. a lot of that stuff is bizarre, desperate and unfounded in reason, yet also, i believe, with the best intentions. fortunately, it doesn’t seem like these little quirks really cause too much harm.

i’m not sure what this woman’s goal is, or her intentions…i don’t know enough about early childhood sexuality to know if the power relationship is abusive, but i do think that if they were starving, i would applaud this mother for her creative problem solving…but shiz, mangoes aren’t cheap.

#6 Sam on 05.26.08 at 7:39 am

Hope that child isn’t lactose intolerant… 😉

#7 Sam on 05.29.08 at 10:30 pm

Culturally though, and I’m speaking blakfulla way, for some tribal groups, its not unusual for kids to be suckling a little longer than the prescribed and accepted norm. Nor is it unusual for sisters to breastfeed each others babies. I for example, breastfed my niece and nephew, who culturally are considered my own children [daughter and son] and that was no biggie – only problem was when they started biting, cause that can knock a woman to her knees – then they were all bumped!! :)…. So quite possibly whitefullas are making an attempt to emulate a sense of tribalism – just another something to rip off from Indigenous cultures. Either that or she a straight nutter!! 🙂

#8 betty on 04.07.12 at 9:56 pm

i watched the whole documentary and i do see it from the womens point of view and its beneficial etc however i do believe these children become obsessed with breasts and some mums even admit it in the documentary,touching,feeling,snuggling i have no problem with a youg child doing this as its totally natural up to 5 however an 8 year old snuggling up and being obsessed with another womans breast breaches on creepy and sexual.

After all some girls begin puberty at 8???

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