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screen3Suck on this: A little girl demos Bebé Glotón’s remarkable talent

Does Bebé Glotón, Spanish manufacturer Berjuan‘s “breastfeeding” toy, above, mark the end of the world? Does it simply represent that less delicate, more raw & direct quality Spain seems to possess as a cultural birthright? Or is it an innovative and educational device, fitting for today’s more introspective age?

I haven’t figured it out. What I know, however, is that the chance you’ll see it on U.S. shelves any time soon is exactly zero. No, make that -8.

Bebé Glotón, or “greedy baby,” is cute, adorable, and white, like almost all plastic tots. She performs a unique trick, though, when your little one puts on the included vest, demonstrated in the sequence, below, featuring “flower buds” (see arrows, below, and the close-up, next below) where your sore nipples would usually reside.


screen4Apparently, when the baby starts to cry, and “mommy” puts its head in proximity to one of the buds, right, some kind of circuit is closed, and Glotón starts to loudly “suckle,” accompanied by the appropriate lip and cheek motions.

Or, completely inappropriate sounds and motions, if you’ve to read the responses some are having to this plaything; e.g., their posts on Berjuan’s YouTube channel. What’s fascinating is that, first, the comments are inarticulate and flatly stunned:

What r they teaching our youth now a days?!

Seriously! Are you kidding me?!!

holy crappers r yu kidding me… this is as bad as tha baby wit a wenis


no please no

that is so wrong.

Now that’s just creepy 0__o


Eventually, people begin to size up the situation. One poster, breastfeedingmother1, thinks people are being too close-minded about the toy, right:

Why is this wrong? Children like to feed thier dolls – is it only ok if they are feeding them with bottles? Children learn by copying – prehaps if there was more of this kind of toy there would be a greater acceptance of breastfeeding in our society. Judging by the comments left I think western society has a long way to go still…….

Well, derpestarzt doesn’t want to hear it:

“Children learn by copying” so what about some cute little toy dildos? they can learn about that too by copiyng, dont you think its a little f#@%ing early to be teaching a child how to breastfeed? in fact, dont you think you should be getting sure she gets to realize she have options? why dont you ever buy a girl a f#@%ing science kit? because you are cancer, thats why.

Turn off your mouth and turn on your brain, altnews replies:

since when is breastfeeding a “sexual” act? you’re sick man..

Which kind of gets to the nub of the issue. In this country, the debate over breastfeeding increasingly falls between those who see it as a natural, God-given use of the breast for its intended purpose, vs. those who see an exposed teat as a sexual object, no matter what task it’s accomplishing at the moment.

For years, nursing women have fought to allow breastfeeding of their infants, at the table, in restaurants where they are dining. Urged to use the ladies room by others who find the practice distasteful, more than one has responded by asking, “Would you eat your dinner next to the toilet? Then why should my child?”

n2517126532_5492Recently, Facebook became embroiled in a controversy when it began deleting pictures of exposed and semi-exposed breasts feeding, claiming the imagery violates its decency policy. Outraged memebers have formed a group, “Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!”, utlilizing the image at right as its logo, and attracting nearly a quarter of a million registrants.

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month, so Bebé Glotón’s arrival couldn’t be better timed. But anyone who thinks, for even a moment, that this country is ready to see seven-year-olds on the playground pretend-nursing a doll, as it provides utterly convincing sound effects, has been living in Spain for the past 200-plus years.

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#1 Corve on 08.07.09 at 9:08 pm

I am shocked at this new invention. Technology is good but it can go too far. I hate this new product. Children should live their childhood free from this quest to make them grow a lil too fast. These dolls should be used to make children love and take care of others, not to play mother and make them grow too fast. We are setting up ourselves here for more teenage pregnancies and other horrible stats – HIV etc.

Ban this product.

#2 Elizabeth on 08.08.09 at 2:05 pm

Children raised by breastfeeding mothers often pretend to breastfeed dolls on their own — they imitate what they see, after all — but I don’t really see the point of spending a bunch of money on a Bebe Gloton, for precisely that reason. You could purchase a regular old baby doll for much less, and children would figure out lots of things to do with it. One-trick ponies aren’t much fun.

#3 inciquay on 08.20.09 at 9:57 am

I agree with Elizabeth, kids will emulate the breastfeeding they see their moms doing anyway but to pay extra for a doll that loudly “suckle(s)” is crazy.
Breastfeeding is not obscene, but paying extra for something kids will just make-believe anyway with no notion of sound effects is.

#4 Chuchi on 08.29.09 at 9:59 am

the bebe Gloton is on sale on ebay for $112 including shipping, or you can buy it directly from . They are selling like hot cake and will run out before they arrive in the US as production at this time is limited. It will be available at the end of September but you can reserve and pay now to secure yours. I think there is a 3 doll limit but I’m not sure.

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