Welcome To Hell, Scarface.


I don’t believe in reincarnation. But if there was such a thing, could you think of a more deserved next life for coke-shoveling crime boss Tony “Scarface” Montana, above, than to spend¬† his days as a sales call-answering schlub?

Neither can UK artist GsG Scar. That’s why, in “Callface,” his hand-signed and -numbered, limited-edition-of-50 print, Tony doesn’t invite you to SIE ALLO TUH MAH LEEDOH FRAH!! No, as played by the diminutive Al Pacino, he is your little friend, pulling up your order of 8-950s, rotor pumps, or whatever it is people who wear headsets at desks do all day.

Eight-color screenprint on acid-free 300 gm paper, 19 3/4 inches by 27 1/2 inches,  $156.50, incl. s/h from the Kingdom.

[via posterwhore.com]



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