Literacy Is Critical. In 2009, People Who Can’t Read Truly Don’t Know What Time It Is, Boyeeeeeeeeeeee.


Especially if the only clock these illiterati have in their cribs, for some odd reason, is this ultramodern, computer-controlled number, above.

We call it a “number” ironically, though, because, clearly, it’s absent any. The QLockTwo, by German manufacturers Biegert & Funk—and you know the Germans always make good stuff—displays timely text to tell you the time. Plus, fashioned with a polished acrylic face, and finished in a wood back under four layers of lacquer, it’s clearly made to time-tell a long time.

QLockTwo is also compact—17 3/4 inches square and 3/4 inch thick—yet large enough to see in any room. Most of all, it’s available in five yummy colors—that’s Cherry Cake (huh?), above, Black Ice Tea, below—and six different languages.

Five varied hues? Six diverse tongues? At only $1,282 each, I’m getting Flavor all thirty.




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#1 Whne Giants Meet on 09.15.09 at 8:55 am

Wow this is a really impressive clock. Style and smarts to boot!

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