I Guess They Just Didn’t Know Where That Finger Had Been.

Bite down….

Further proof that, especially planetarily, there’s no accounting for taste: The above ad, notes Boinkology, for Tom Ford Sunglasses, has been banned in Italy by that country’s Institute for Advertising Self-Discipline (IAP).

The image is a tight shot of a woman’s face. She’s wearing Ford’s highly-coveted sunglasses. Her eyes are closed, her mouth is ajar, and her teeth are clamped down on a man’s middle finger, stuck into and across her mouth.

Says WWD.com, the image

was deemed by IAP to be “markedly vulgar” and, as such, it “transcends the limits of simple bad taste and offends the sensibility” of viewers. In addition, the committee believes the “scene evokes an offending and abusive act against women, which degrades the dignity of the person.” IAP also said the sexual innuendo and provocative edge are part of a campaign based on these kinds of images, noting that the brand’s Web site itself describes the spring-summer campaign photos as “sexually explicit.”

This…from the people who practically invented nudity in art?


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#1 Lena West on 05.06.08 at 2:01 am

Just goes to show you that there’s no honor among “thieves”.

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