Cat Got Your Tongue…With His Big, Freakin’, Lion-O Sword, Baby.


I wasn’t a big ThunderCats fan. They raised their leonine heads in 1985, long after I’d stopped watching violent, action-packed, Saturdaymorningesque animation. In fact, the only reason I probably know anything at all about this profoundly ugly pride of superheroes is that my youngest brother, Louis, couldn’t stop talking about them.

Well, Lou, knock yourself out: Early next year, Hard Hero Enterprises, makers of collectible fantasy and comic book statuary, will release a limited-edition, cold-cast porcelain statue of Lion-O, leader of the T-Cats, above.

Sculpted by master artist Paul Bennett, the fully-painted piece is a whopping 14 inches high from its rugged, stone outcropping base to the tip of Lion-O’s gleaming sword. Packed with detail, as you can see in this 360-degree QuickTime movie, the work comes with a “color collector box,” whatever that is, and retails for $199.00, $215.00 for one with Bennett’s John Hancock ‘pon, thus. Hey: Since Lou just had a birthday, maybe his wife will jump in with one more present. Cue intro.

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#1 Kelly on 10.08.09 at 12:02 pm

My husband & I were born in 1977 so Thundercats is right in our range. However I was raised without television and he had a steady diet of it. I’ll have to ask if he got into the ‘Cats – my guess is he’s pretty familiar with them.

#2 Raijin on 10.10.09 at 4:32 pm

Panthro was the only character voiced by a black actor, Earle Hyman. Did you notice what that clip did?

All of the other Thundercats are demonstrating their weapons prowess and badassery. That clip cut out Panthro’s part!

The inexplicably (haha, yeah, sure) replaced footage shows Panthro using his nunchuka and martial-arting up the place. He was the coolest Thundercat, in my opinion.

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