Hell-Furious, But Computer Savvy

In front of “her” house, I’ll bet.

As opposed to getting back at cheating S.O.’s the old-fashioned way, above, more and more women are choosing to take “e-venge,” says this Daily Mail piece, serving the cold dish digitally.

Cheater! and exFor example, take the case of UK actress Jane Slavin and her paramour, composer Michael Nyman, right, after he dumped her without even saying why—(Duuude…you never do that, especially to an actress!):

Posing as a beautiful woman called ‘Lucia’, she began a flirtatious online relationship with Nyman, who began bombarding ‘Lucia’ with explicit e-mails.

The crowning moment of her revenge came when ‘Lucia’ agreed to meet Nyman in a café in North London. At the appointed time, it was Jane, of course, who walked in.

Bu-zz-usted. Then,

To compound the humiliation of the man who wrote the haunting film score for The Piano, Slavin wrote an online diary drawing attention to Nyman’s physical failings.


Utterly crushed and enragedOr, consider Laura Milnes, 44, who enjoyed a ten-month affair with a married ex after twenty years apart, when he “insisted that he and his wife no longer had sex and were more like friends, staying together for the sake of their kids.”

When he stops seeing her suddenly, she contacts his wife, who, surprisingly, invites her to the house. (Apparently, she’s suspected his infidelity.)

They talk for several hours, then decide to open his computer, using a password his wife knows.

When they do

“We found he was registered on internet dating sites and had been messaging women across the country,” she says.”I realised then that I’d been fed a pack of lies. His wife even revealed they’d been having a normal sexual relationship. I felt sick and betrayed.”

Back home, she logged onto her lover’s secret Hotmail account using the home computer password his wife had used. It worked.

“I discovered even more slushy emails to other women,” she says.

“Each one I read made me more angry. There were lots between him and a lady in Scotland, and I learned he’d been on holiday with her. He’d told her he loved her, too.”

Laura copied the most intense, personal message he’d sent her and pasted it into an e-mail which she sent to everyone in his address book.

“I wanted everyone to know what he’d been up to. I got a huge rush of adrenaline as I hit ‘Send’.”

Soon, replies were flying in from all over the world, saying things like: “Good on you!”

Before she knew it, Chris himself was on the phone.

“He rang and said: ‘What are you playing at? Are you trying to get me sacked?’

“But the damage was already done. I’m so glad I sent that e-mail. It felt absolutely brilliant.

“Women can’t fight physically so need other means of attack. As long as it does not cause long-term damage, I think it’s harmless.

“Ultimately, Chris kept his wife and his job, while I released all my frustration and anger. E-venge is like instant therapy.”

Cheaper, too! Playa, you got played!



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