Lady Gaga’s Bathrobe.


Imagine if you wore this to, say, the Oscars…and someone else showed up in the same dress?

According to 1 Design Per Day,

The Galaxy Dress by designers Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz is made up of 24,000 2mm x 2mm color LEDs and 4,000 Swarovski crystals. It can glow for 30 minutes straight before needing to be recharged.

And, when you put it on to go pee in the middle of the night, you don’t have to turn on the lights.

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#1 Lee Andrew Davison on 11.24.09 at 3:44 pm

so… this is just for walking around in, right?? nobody is going to sit down while wearing that thang

#2 NatVeronica on 11.24.09 at 4:31 pm

YES!! Lady Gaga should not only wear thsi but i feel she’s the only celeb that can actually pull it off. Love the comment about not needing lights while in the restroom lol.

#3 gaga on 11.25.09 at 6:49 am

WOW! Lady GaGa would look amazing in this, only she could pull it off 😀 (L)

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