It’s Hard Out Here For a Nerd.

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Looks like knowledge reigns supreme over human biology at Tiger Woods’ alma mater: For an undergrad course there, says the Stanford University News,

instructor Tom McFadden has created a series of rap videos to explain concepts such as gene regulation and evolution. ┬áHis latest video, entitled “Oxidate It Or Love It” explains how metabolism works while paying homage to “Hate It Or Love It” by 50 Cent/The Game and “On To The Next One” by Jay-Z.

Yeaaah, boyee.



#1 Paul Carlson on 03.12.10 at 8:21 pm

I’m passing this one along to all my nerd and teacher friends.

#2 jon on 03.17.10 at 4:06 pm

these are the kinds of things you have to be very careful doing…

the true schooler in me always cringes, but the human being (and especially parent:) in me realizes that this has been done in all genres, and shows that hip hop is just as mainstream as rock and country (of which i could absolutely see there being teaching aids in…cue Bill Nye the Science Guy)

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