Say Goodbye to the Bad Guy:
The Wanted Red Trailer

Kiss my grits!
Say hello to my little friend: James McAvoy in Wanted

The Angelina Jolie-starring, Timur Bekmambetov-directed assassin thriller, Wanted (“Curve the bullet!”), has a restricted, or “red,” trailer, available for iTunes download and viewing in all three standard sizes and all three HD sizes.

Red trailers have a ruby-colored opening frame, indicating the promo is for restricted-age viewing only, and contains harsher language and more graphic violence than a standard, spring-green, “all ages” trailer.

For those who’ve seen the original pieces, there’s a bit more of blood orgy, which you can probably take or leave. To me, though, the highlights are Morgan Freeman’s “Sloan” shouting, “Shoot this [incestuous fellow]!” in his stentorian bellow; the imaginatively graphic and retributive use of an office computer keyboard; and James McAvoy’s “Wesley Gibson” making short work of a haughty fat cat who imagines himself safe behind bulletproof glass.



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