Wife Beaters.

“Oh: She’s an Angry Black Woman! I get it!”

Keeping an eye on the Michelle Obama-haters as they wind up their catapults, slings, and arrows? Michelle Obama Watch collects the links so you don’t have to do so.

For example, did you catch this piece, above, from late last week, depicting the Divine Mrs. O as a cantankerous, neck-wagging waitress? Or, what’s up with this photo of the candidate’s wife, below, showing mad thigh?

“She’s got legs…she knows how to use them….”

Michelle Obama Watch looks for the dolts, critiques them, and keeps track of the naysayers. Should be worth staying tuned.


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#1 Hans Giza on 02.11.11 at 11:20 am

Michelle,my darling,I would like to kiss your delicate smooth silky legs and soles!
Michelle my beloved goddess of beauty!

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