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Girls Gone Wild: “Ishq Kameena,” from Shakti: The Power

I can’t believe my eye…
Tell me I’m not dreaming: Shahrukh Khan’s mind’s about to be blown

Don’t let anybody lie to you: Indian sisters get down. Or, at least they do in Bollywood movies. I learned this the evening I walked into a screening of Shakti: The Power, literally by accident.

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Blood on the Dance Floor.


Introducing the dance remix of Bill O’Reilly’s now notorious, “twenty years old” hissy fit, obviously just as NSFW as is Bill.

Lost Works That Should Have Stayed Lost: MC Skat Kat, “Skat Strut”

Paula Abdul and Skat Kat get it on…
“Now, pretend that you’re Corey Clark”: Paula and Skat role-play

Was Paula Abdul on drugs?

Not last week, when she tried to judge American Idol contestant Jason Castro’s non-existent second performance. No, was she high in the early ’90s, when she agreed to a cameo in the video for MC Skat Kat’s solo debut, “Skat Strut,” a Fresh Prince-ish piffle over Earth Wind & Fire’s “Let’s Groove” bassline.

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Flashdance: That “Steel-Town Girl on a Saturday Night” Turns 25 Today

Kevin Kavendish let’s loose
What a feeling: Carlton Draught’s “Kevin Kavendish” gets footloose

Here’s the safest bet you can possibly make in your life: When director Adrian Lyne released Flashdance, on April 15, 1983, dollars-to-donuts that neither he nor the movie’s distributor, Paramount, was counting on anyone talking about it a quarter of a century later.

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