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Slurring the Elderly.

I can’t take the disrespect any longer.

The New York Times zooms in on a little-discussed mode by which people, often unconsciously, abuse senior citizens, namely elderspeak. It’s

the sweetly belittling form of address that has always rankled older people: the doctor who talks to their child rather than to them about their health; the store clerk who assumes that an older person does not know how to work a computer, or needs to be addressed slowly or in a loud voice. Then there are those who address any elderly person as “dear.”

My least favorite form of this practice is when a person refers to an obviously aged woman as “young lady.” However, overall,

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Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired.

Hit your usual high notes.

I post to MEDIA ASSASSIN every weekday, usually before 10 a.m. I’ve never sent up a message this late, mere minutes before 6 o’clock in the evening.

Why? I got grinded to a halt by a weird sore throat / headache today, no doubt due to a weakened immune system, depleted by a couple of weeks of sleep-inverted days and nights.

Lots of rest is beginning to take care of the wacky sleep schedule and headache, while Singer’s Saving Grace Extra-Strength is banishing the prickly texture of my membranes. It’s $11.98 for a 1 oz. bottle, above, while a quarter-ounce spray will run you about $4. Zakiya, my wife, found it and considers it primo. She says that, for maximum effect, break it out the moment you feel a single tingle. Here’s proof: You’re reading this post. The woman knows her stuff, folks.

“I’d rather have lots of breast milk than a million melons!”

Truly a big girl now.
Soon we’re gonna need a bigger couch: Eliza Robinson, 7, cozies up to mother, Veronica, for a tasty snack

Kids say the darndest things: The quote, above, comes from a 2005 UK documentary, Extraordinary Breastfeeding.

The 60-minute film features British women who’ve continued to suckle their young past the recommended age of 2 1/4, and some well into elementary school. Bethany Robinson, older daughter of Veronica, above, who prefers milk to melons, or even, as she says in one clip, mangoes, breastfed until age 5. Her sister, Eliza, above, is nearly 8.

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