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Showdown with a Grizzly Bear.


It’s said that you should never surprise or startle a wild grizzly bear when it’s sunning itself.

So, what did this animal, above—equipped by nature with razor-sharp teeth—do when it caught sight of a nearby human being, armed only with a camera?

Let’s just say the action involved its massive claws. It’s the next image in this two-picture series, below, after the jump.

In a moment, you’ll know why MEDIA ASSASSIN had to hide this photo from plain sight.

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King Arthur’s Cat.


Canadian artist Jeff de Boer fashions ultra-finely crafted fantasy cat-and-mouse battle gear as a form of art, like this 2008 piece, Tournament Cat, above, created from nickel, aluminum, leather, brass, and wood.

In essence, the works seem to re-imagine the conflicts enjoined by knights and samurai as played out, instead, between felines and rodents. Like, if Tom had worn this one, above, against Jerry, or Scratchy against Itchy. History could have been different.

[via jim rossignol]

If He Attacks You, Honk His Nose.


He’s called “GreatWhite Clown,” by furfree, one of 48 entries from Worth1000.com’s recent “Animal Clowns” Photoshop competition. Plus, if you think that’s amazing, you should see this guy and 11 of his friends squeeze into a tiny car.

Well, At Least the Hunters Think Twice Before Shooting.

Don Simon’s Industrial Forest 1

By employing astounding technique, colored pencil artist Don Simon deftly visualizes a mournful and demoralized world. It’s one where man’s increasing industrialization of the biosphere has not only pushed humans and animals into ultradirect contact and competition, but where the natural landscape has begun to frustratingly morph into the mechanized metalliscape. As a New Jersey native, where some of the nation’s most gorgeous terrain borders some of its most hideous, he knows of whence he speaks.

In “Industrial Forest 1,” above, for example, from his Unnaturalism I series, deer dart between and attempt to hide amidst a thicket of silver metal pipelines. (The grove’s absolute density becomes more clear in the triptych from which this image is taken.)

By mankind literally doing to the creation what Simon does figuratively, “We are forcing other species to deal with compromised, damaged or destroyed ecosystems,” says the artist.

Yeah, well, as U. of Texas prof Robert Jensen reminds us, quoting a friend, “Nature always bats last.”

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Killing You with Cuteness.

Antares, the Friendly Siberian Tiger Cub!

This ferocious Siberian tiger cub, above, Antares, born at the Berlin Zoo, overpowers his prey by waving his widdle paw, overdosing victims on his saccharine adorableness. As loud “Awwwww!“s then fill the air, the people being entranced are stunned and deafened by the volume of this approval, allowing him to select a victim, pounce, attach himself to his vicitim’s shoulder near the jugular vein, as seen below, and cuddle, rendering his target utterly weak and unable to resist. Sigh. Nature is truly cruel.

Antares catches another victim.

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Meeting the lion again.

I absolutely have no patience for white people who try befriending dangerous, wild animals, not only because the animals never get to negotiate these arrangements—except with claws—but more because I view such efforts as seated squarely on the continuum of white arrogance.

However, in this clip, these two men attempt to re-introduce themselves to a male lion, in the wild, that they’d befriended earlier, after he had acquired his own pride and mate. Take a look at what happens.

Stop Showing Off Yer Stuff, Honey.

“Tee hee hee hee hee!!!”

Do you love your dog to death, but feel that the way the bitch proudly parades her business through the streets, tail held high, is, from a homo sapiens perspective, just a tad…indecorous?

So did Virginia Commonwealth University art student Meg Roberts. However, instead of just averting her eyes—like you do—she fashioned an anus-cloaking, tastefully enameled triangular copper piece, with delicate white and pink accents, and “a hinged door that falls open with gravity.”

Apparently, the object, appropriately titled A Lady Never Reveals Too Much, is a one-off, and Roberts has no plans to market it.

To which I say, Meg: Do you want to be a starving artist all your life? Do you know how many blue-haired, Upper East Side, New York City matrons would happily strap a gold-plated, diamond-encrusted one over Fifi’s sourpuss?

[via ExtremeCraft]

Sieg Hello Kitty!


CatsThatLookLikeHitler.com compiles pictures of felines, above, who, by virtue of their natural coloration and markings, resemble the infamous leader of the Third Reich.

“Can’t…look…away….cat’s…taking…my…energy….Featuring thousands of “kitlers” from around the world, plus an online store full of “kitlerware” festooned with their glorious logo, right, CatsThatLookLikeHitler.com should leave ailurophilic Germanophobes clenched with debilitating uncertainty and shock, but all others in stitches. Robert Morales (Truth: Red, White & Black) calls it the “best web site ever.” Apparently, even Bob is prone to occasional understatement.

Flying Home

God’s glory….

What can one possibly add to this otherworldly image of Golden Rays migrating off the coast of Mexico?

As amateur photographer Sandra Critelli said in the UK’s Daily Telegraph, via BoingBoing,

“It was an unreal image, very difficult to describe. The surface of the water was covered by warm and different shades of gold and looked like a bed of autumn leaves gently moved by the wind.”

No, Sandra. You described it perfectly. Thanks for photographing it even better.

But Cats Have Cooler Groupies.


mental_floss’s Ransom Riggs points out with several examples what was obvious to most, but undocumented until now: With the possible exception of the Flaming Lips, both cats and rock stars are united in their hatred of laser pointers.