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Eating Out.

Better red than dead.

Here’s a great piece from The New York Times’ fantastic “Measure for Measure” series, which documents the songwriting impulse and process. In this edition, artist Suzanne Vega, above, talks about her computer systems analyst mom, her techy daughter, and how ease with digital tools seemed to have skipped a generation in her family.

But, most of all, she discusses creating her a cappella song “Tom’s Diner,” which became a 1990 hit when British producers Nick Batt and Neal Slateford, aka DNA, remixed her vocals over a shimmering, trampolining beat.

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There’s a Twinkle in Your Eye.
No, I Mean Literally.


Question: If you were a dude, leaving your woman behind for many, many months—say you were going to Iraq, or something stupid like that—and, just before you left you gave her this piece of jewelry, above, as a gift. Would she think that you loved her more than life itself, or think that this was a passive-aggressive way of telling her you wanted to blind her?

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“There it is, just like on the map!”

Where are we?

Those of you like me who are, already, addicted to Fringe, wunderkind J.J. Abrams’ new FOX paranormal series, are either that’s sooo cooled up or [rolling eyes] give-me-a-breaked out by his show’s location i.d. graphics.

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What We’ll Drive in the Year 4000.

Mean drivin’ machine.

For French car manufacturer Peugeot’s Design Contest 2008 5th Edition, the call for entries this past spring was intriguing:

Young designers are invited to imagine the Peugeot for the world megalopoles – the Mega Cities – of the future. This concept car will be conceived to evolve within the heart of the great urban conurbations of the future, while retaining all the hallmark values of the 21st century. The projects, while remaining true to the style codes which define Peugeot, must also incorporate the four “dimensions” defined for this design competition: respect for the environment, social cohesion, interactive mobility, and economic effectiveness.

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Oh, Don’t Get It Twisted, Y’All: Alaskans Hate Sarah Palin, Too!


If you think Alaska’s governor arrives with the full backing of her electorate, think again. Then, check out these great photos from an anti-Palin protest in the 49th State.

[via Gotham Gal]

Is the Shine Coming Off the Dime?


Sarah Palin’s sudden and immense rise in popularity and star power has been truly astounding. Her nomination to the VP position on the GOP ticket has completely electrified the Republican party.

But is the party already over? According to New York magazine,

as voters have dug deeper into Palin’s, you know, actual record and positions, they’ve begun to sour on her — and swung the race back to Obama.

Check out the evidence:

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People Just Ain’t Buyin’ This Crap.

Back again!

Hey, had to get this in: Remember the LeBron James / Gisele Bundchen controversy, back in March? Well, when the numbers came in some months later, it turned out that the issue sold like vomit.

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Who ate the squirrel?
I’ve got first dibbs on the antlers and gloves: Bullwinkle Moose

The rise of Alaskan governor Sarah Palin has also brought a tasty state staple to national attention: Moose.

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“I’m…Too Sexy For My Hair…Too Sexy For My Hair…And I Don’t Freakin’ Caaaaaaare….”

Ooo la la!

Take a look at this picture of Sarah Palin with her hair down, above.

As you do, do you find yourself slowly becoming entranced by her sex appeal?

If so, it’s not by accident.

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She’s Got Legs. She Knows How to Pose with Tiny Men Between Them.


I avoid “Strange But True”-type posts on MEDIA ASSASSIN. As well, by now you’ve all seen these photos from the 2009 Guinness Book of World Records promotional in England’s Trafalgar Square, this week.

They’re of He Pingping, 20, who, at 2ft 5.37 in., is the world’s shortest standing man, and 6′ 4″ Svetlana Pankratova, 36, whose 4ft 3.9 in. legs are the world’s longest.

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