Ernie & Bert: Stickin’ Mad Heat in Your #%&*@! Face!


If asked why M.O.P.’s “Ante Up” has possibly become the video mashup bed of choice, part of me—the part sloshing with ego—would love to take a little credit, due to efforts on a shotgun wedding of Hairspray with Brownsville, B’klyn’s official national anthem.

The rational part of me, though, would merely defer to superior skills, like those of Stian Hafstad. (I can’t read a word of his blog, but pictures are universal.) The Norwegian’s 580,000-views clip hilariously fuses Mashout Posse’s original track with rambunctious footage of Sesame’s Street‘s Ernie and Bert, monsters, and sheep. Even funnier than the felt-faced duo’s Casino riff, the bit invents tasty new moments, like Bert’s boast of “puttin’ work to the street like a slave.”

While you’re in the neighborhood, though, please check out Hafstad’s “Jay Z vs MacGyver”, which blurs a high-speed run through Jigga’s “Encore” video with the MacGyver TV show intro. I know: It just works. Can’t say why.



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