Causing a Pile-Up From On High Up.

“This stuff stinks!”

Now, here’s something you don’t see every day: As dutifully reported by the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph, sexy ex-Spice Girl Victoria “Posh” Beckham, with her soccer pro husband, David, above, draws stares, but not for her dress, or for their new perfume, Beckham Signature Fragrance Collection, which the couple was debuting in New York at Macy’s.

The shocked grills are for her $6,000, thigh-high, latex, heel-less boots by Antonio Berardi, below.

Ain’t we funkin’ now….

The English-Italian designer Berardi is an old friend of the Beckhams and made their post-ceremony outfits for their wedding nine years ago.

He started the heel-less shoe trend in the summer with a £1,800 sandal bought by Mrs Beckham, Uma Thurman and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The designer says he’s sold 60 pairs of the striking, custom-made boots, and adds that

the radical design will not cause the wearer any pain. ‘They are perfectly balanced,’ he said. ‘When the girls come for fittings, they look a bit daunted, but by the end they say it’s just like wearing a regular shoe.

‘They are graceful and there is a ballerina nature about them. Having a heel is really just psychological.’ A spokesman for his Paris-based fashion house explained the science at work:

‘The shoe has a bigger platform sole which stretches back further than normal and gives support under the arch of the foot.

‘When walking though, you have to put your toe rather than your heel down first and you cannot wear them for very long. They are not dangerous because you would have to lean quite far back before you fell over.’

Medical experts disagree, saying the boots could lead to permanent physical damage if worn regularly.

Dangerous, oh, yes, but, as a guy who digs a hot heel on a gal, the effect is, without doubt, immeasurable. I just fear for the women who, unable to afford boots that cost as much as several months rent, get the inevitable knockoffs. As Zakiya always says, have a nice trip, see you next fall.



#1 sdg1844 on 10.01.08 at 1:54 pm

I thought she looked fantastic, though the geometry and physics of her whole “situation” are insane. Great creativity.

#2 Sam on 10.07.08 at 5:15 am

There is something quasi HOOFY and Centaurian about those shoes….if not, dare I suggest, carrying a certain likeness to the shoes needed to equalize ones height when they’ve been born with a noticeably shorter leg.

This being said….teemed with her whole bugs life, lollypop-headed look – I’m sure just as many sheep will flock to her *latest style sensation* as they did and continue to do, to some of the most wack *celebrities* on the planet.

What are they *famous* for again?

Really is proof that you can sell a piece of red string as fashion accessory in countries where consumerism and capitalism’s gone mad….ohh…darnnit…Kabbalah beat me to it!!!!!



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