“Move” Somethin’.

“Get *down*.”

Nothing like an artist disappearing over the horizon, only to return with both jets dripping nitro. That oppressive fuel smell is Q-Tip’s “Move,” from his upcoming album, The Renaissance.

I don’t know if I’m most jolted by the public access grittiness of director Rik Cordero’s aggressively underproduced visuals, above; the brisk, stringy timbre of Q-Tip’s inimitable vocals; or the Michael Jackson-getting-stuffed-in-a-bag disassembly of the Jackson 5’s “Dancing Machine”—fashioned by the late, great Jay Dilla. I just know Q-dog’s bringin’ fire, and my eyebrows just got singed.

[via SpineMagazine.com]


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#1 sirensongs on 10.16.08 at 2:59 am

I miss Qtip, Afrika Baby Bam and the rest of the JBs/TCQuest. They were always the sweetest guys around.

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