Now, That’s How You Foil an Assassination Attempt.

“Say WHAT?”

As expected, EA’s Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (Xbox 360/PS3) is, reportedly, execrable, and calls it “the most mediocre game ever.” But this promised DLC (downloadable content) pack, letting you play as Sarah Palin or Barack Obama, has got to be the chilly-most-sweet thing ever for the next two hours.

As you’ll see in this 1:31 clip, not only does Obama, above, loudly “SMACK!” the gun from the hands of a disgruntled soldier, but, grabbing the miscreant’s grenade, clears his tank with the pineapple before making tracks.

“I need a drink!”Meanwhile, Palin, right, stomps through an empty bar, looking for Joe Sixpack, before shimmying up a helicopter grappling hook, smacking the pilot’s skull against the instrument panel, dumping him out the seat, and taking control. Yo: Who needs foreign policy when you’ve got a rocket launcher?

[via BoingBoing]



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