How To Kill Hitler.

“I’m gonna get you, sucka….”

Despite a lot of post-jumping on sofa, post-Scientology video blowback, Tom Cruise’s Valkyrie, in which he plays Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, above, an operative sent on an impossible mission to assassinate der Fuehrer, is looking kinda hot, if the trailers are to be believed.

Valkyrie one sheet posterPlus, I’m kinda feelin’ the one-sheet poster, right, designed by BLT & Associates, whose classic pieces for Star Trek, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Transformers, Sin City, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the X-Men series, the Mission: Impossible series, the Spider Man series, Brokeback Mountain, The Silence of the Lambs, Saving Private Ryan, 12 Monkeys, Kill Bill, Titanic—whew!—have made them H’wood royalty. (Take a look at their web site, or their IMPA page, for a trip through contemporary movie poster art history.) It’s $20 from Come December 26, maybe Hitler will be feelin’ deez…pieces of shrapnel. He definitely won’t be celebrating Kwanzaa.


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#1 Combat Jack on 11.13.08 at 9:15 pm

People forget that as whacked out as he seems to have become, Tom Cruise is a dope actor.

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