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Head O’ State Barack Obama dildo

GRACE: Ooh! Speakin’ of butts, had another sex dream last night. This time I was in the shower with Barack Obama. Oh-bama, he was ba-rocking my world.

—Will & Grace, “Queens For A Day,” 11/25/2004

I think it speaks to the general quality of Racialicious that what, for them, is a mere side illustration is, for me, my whole act: The Head O State Sex Toy.

It comes (!) in “presidential gold,” above, and “democratic blue,” weighs 14 oz., is 7 1/2″ in length, costs $34.95. Also, this being the age it is, it’ll even tweet you—certainly a dildo first. (“…Gives new meaning to the term ‘secret service,'” says one.)

Undergirding (!) all of this is the question of what role white female sexual preoccupation with Barack Obama played in the election, and will play in his presidency. (Head O State tagline: “I want a BIG O!”) It’s in this realm that Racialicious gets down to business.

Former Playgirl editor-in-chief Nicole Caldwell wrote a feature in last week’s NY Press about how obsessed some people are about Obama’s looks, by how sexy he is, and how their ideas about his sexiness falls into racialized sexual fantasies, namely that his Black maleness makes him good in bed and how that stereotype may anchor some of the buzziness in folks’ erotic fantasies about him and may be the reasoning behind their voting for him. However, that stereotyped-based buzziness, Caldwell contends, may be the very thing could ruin his chance to become president.

This being a sex-centered issue of the NYP, Caldwell tried hard—maybe a little too hard—to bring the bawdy talk about Bama. In her lede she interviewed a 52-year-old white moderate Republican man who had sex with a white twenty-something Obama supporter. During the sexual encounter, the Democrat moaned a name: Obama’s name.

Or, put another way, if Obama had lost, did Ozam Group LLC (makers of Head O State) have a warehouse full of McCain rubber backups?

No more than Grace did.

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#1 Dr. Goddess on 11.24.08 at 3:07 am

This is precisely why I have never liked “Obama Girl” and I don’t think she deserves an invitation to the inauguration. Bleh.

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