Chelsea…but not ClintonHonored to be blogrolled by Canned Thinking, though I’m guessing that doing it twice was just a mistake. : ) Self-described “aspiring writer” Aaron Matthews writes it, and he seems to possess least two qualities that endear anyone to me: Clearly diverse interests and a love of interviews. Both are on display in his Q&A with comedienne Chelsea Perretti, right, who, with her brother Jonah, created the Black People Love Us! web site a couple of years ago. (I couldn’t stand the site, which seemed self-congratulating in an unintended, white way, but I’ll look out for her stand-up.)

Mucho appreciation to Giles Li, who did a thoughtful write-up on my “No, Seriously: I’d Much Rather Listen to Obama Girl” riff about Will.I.Am’s Obamaffectionate “Yes We Can.” I’d not heard of Mr. Li’s work previously, but a look at his bio shows a dedication to arts education that I find inspiring and believe to be badly needed.

Rolling Stone Superman-ifies ObamaAlso, thanks to FOBBDeep: Fear of a Brown Blogger‘s Ninoy Brown for building on the same subject matter—”We Are The Ones,” Will.I.Am’s flaccid follow-up to “Yes We Can”—while mentioning me and the piece. Whether it be covering the work of music video director Rik Cordero, the apparent temporary saving of 1520 Sedgwick (hip-hop founder Kool D.J. Herc’s former home and early performing space) from gentrification, or Rolling Stone‘s current Obama cover piece, seen here, Brown seems to be dutifully cracking the oysters for pearls.

Of course, super-thanks to everyone who’s posting and writing comments. Thanks for blessing my little shingle with your words. Just keep speaking your minds.



#1 AaronM on 03.13.08 at 1:11 pm

No, Harry- that was intentional. I like MA so much I linked it twice, I suppose.
It’s a honour for me to be linked and mentioned. Thanks for the kind words.
The blog is fantastic. It’s really great for a new jack like myself to actually read your writing after hearing you on “Don’t Believe The Hype”.

#2 giles on 03.18.08 at 10:28 am

thanks for linking back Mr. Allen. it’s a little surreal.

your writing is great as always.

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