Japanese Schoolgirls? Zombies? Katanas? Chainsaws? I’m In, B.

Uniform Sabaigaru clipping

If you ask me, there’s only one way to deal with zombies: Rack ’em up and knock ’em down. I don’t care if they’re urban, rural, or suburban. You gotta show ’em who’s boss, and you can’t be the least bit ambiguous about it, or soon enough, one’ll be sinking his nasty dental work into your neck.

Uniform Sabaigaru’s heroinesIf you really wanna raise the stakes though, do what the new low-budget Japanese horror flick, Uniform Sabaigaru, above, which opened recently, does: Throw innocent teenage schoolgirls, right, into the mix. If you think co-eds can be brutal, wait’ll you hand one of ’em a Black & Decker.

As the always on-point 24FramesPerSecond notes,

Any more movies involving Japanese schoolgirls hacking Zombies to into bloody chunks with Swords, Chainsaws and other assorted sharp and pointy weaponry and we’ll all have to think up a new name for this rapidly expanding sub genre. Latest to be added to the growing list is – Uniform Sabaigaru.

As far as we can tell, the plot goes something like this…Seven school friends go for a day out to a theme park ominously titled “Survival Land.” There, they get stuck into playing war games, fighting against park employees (dressed as Samurai and Ninja?) for fun. All seems well until they realise the weapons they’ve been given are actually real and the park staff they think are playing dead, are DEAD and soon after they become the UNdead. Trapped in the park alone, the battle becomes all too real, as they fight to survive against the ever increasing number of Zombies.

Sadly, there’s no U.S. distribution planned yet, to my knowledge: Just this kinda cheesy trailer, that really cool poster artwork, above…and a concept that’s beyond golden. I say this flick needs a U.S. rewrite, but, even more, whoa, a video game. When they do it, hopefully, nothing’ll get lost in translation.


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#1 harry on 01.10.09 at 5:47 am

Japanese schoolgirls is a pop subculture phenomenon in Japan – it’s cos they got money to spend on fashion.

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