The Santa Ana Wind Massacre.

“Clear Cut” Forest Fire Robot at work

Jordan D. Guelde is designer of the hypothetical Forest Fire Prevention Robot, above, and a man after my own heart. The 24-year-old graduate of the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI says he’s “looking for a full-time employment opportunity where I can showcase my passion for design.”

But if you ask me, Jordan, your future is in the movies.

Here’s the scenario:

Forest Fire Prevention Robot to scale

The picture’s called Clear Cut: The year is 2015. Fires are raging throughout Southern California and, due to climate change, they’re the worst blazes ever, with nearly a million acres of forest aflame, thousands of homes incinerated, five million people evacuated, and deaths approaching two hundred and fifty. Nothing can be done to stop this holocaust, so scientists send in three of their massive, most advanced Semi-Autonomous Fire Emergency robots, above. They’re fully-equipped with advanced technology, in order to deal with raging conditions and temperatures no human being could stand. Against fires, they are unstoppable.

At first, things appear under control, as the machines do their job. But then, suddenly, the SAFE robots stop communicating with mission control. For several hours, no one can locate, see, or get a signal from them. Then, without warning, three new infernos suddenly spring up! Due to a flaw in their programming, the SAFE robots have gone rogue, and are now setting fires, not putting them out!

Now, only one man can stop them: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Call me! We’ll do lunch!

[via Yanko Design]


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#1 Steven on 01.10.09 at 11:14 pm

Yeah, I saw this dude’s work last summer at CCS annual student show. This dude is nice. It was a lot of good work at the show. I think CCS has the best tech and automative design program besides Art Center in the country.

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