I’d Say That’s Pretty Much a Relationship-Ender.


Bosch GSA900E 110V 900W Sabre Saw, used “when cutting into tight crevices”

As I’ve said here before, I don’t tend to do “Strange But True” stories on MEDIA ASSASSIN, but this KTLA.com clip from a week ago possessed such an extreme quality that I had to press it forward:

Woman Hurt in Sex Mishap Involving Power Tool

LEXINGTON PARK, Md.- A woman is recovering after being seriously injured in a mishap involving a sex toy.

A man who called 911 call said he had placed a sex toy over a saber saw blade, and then used the power tool on his partner, but the blade cut through the plastic and injured the woman.

The victim, a 27-year-old woman, was flown to Prince George’s hospital center by Maryland State Police helicopter.

County law enforcement officials say no charges will be filed, calling the incident accidental.

Wow. Can you imagine the screams that came out of her?

Now, a test: Which of these Darwin Awards nominees was the bigger bonehead: The man who, certainly, proposed that he and his partner utilize a tool made for cutting tree branches in foreplay, or the woman who agreed to let some guy stick a rapidly-moving saw blade into a working orifice?

I don’t know. But as Judge Judy would say, you two should never, ever have children, and from the bare details of this piece, that may now be an impossibility, anyway.



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