Obama-Lickin’ Good.

DEU Obama Fingers

Simply crazy about the 44th president? Don’t you wish you could just grab him and take him home with you? Well, now you can, and, when you get there, you can eat him, soaked in a delicious curry dip. (Thanks for the tip, Ray.) Says USA Today‘s “On Deadline” blog,

The German frozen food company Sprehe is offering a new product called “Obama Fingers,” which the packaging [above] describes as “tender, juicy pieces of chicken breast, coated and fried,” the German news magazine Der Spiegel reports.

The magazine quotes Judith Witting, a sales manager for the company, as saying Sprehe decided to offer the product after notingĀ  that “American products and the American way of eating are trendy at the moment.”

“Americans are more relaxed,” Witting explained. “Not like us stiff Germans, like (Chancellor Angela) Merkel.”

Possibly still doused with post-racial goodwill, however, there was no comment from “On Deadline” about something of which Der Spiegel seemed highly aware: Namely

a risk that the product might be seen as racially insensitive. Fried chicken has long been associated with African-Americans in the US — naming strips of fried chicken after the first black president could cause some furrowing of brows.

According to Der Spiegel, “The company says it was unaware of the possible racist overtones of the product.”

Witting told SPIEGEL ONLINE the connection never even occurred to her. “It was supposed to be a homage to the American lifestyle and the new US president,” she said.

Twenty bucks says Obama smiles it off.

[via On Deadline]



#1 Kyra Gaunt on 03.18.09 at 11:01 am

Hmmm. They never named chicken or a food item after Pres. Carter or Pres. Clinton?? Hmm. And they loved Clinton! The unbearable whiteness of chicken, in this case.

#2 4C on 03.21.09 at 6:00 am

Struck me not as the “watermelon” variety but the “bet you’ll blink first” variety of chicken. President Obama is still within his first 100 days, I’m hoping however, some time before his term is over that he will stop just ‘smiling’ things off.

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