Blame It On the A-A-A-A-A-Alcohol.


“Beer goggles”—sexual judgement impaired by booze—is the excuse millions will be pushing this weekend, in order to explain why the eager hottie they eagerly shagged the night before looks like blechh in the golden morning’s light.

agoggs3sWell, if that’s your steez, why not just do you? “Beergoggles” are by Chicago-based custom eyeglasses maker Scott Urban of Urban Spectacles. They’re crafted out of spent containers of actual ale. That’s them to the right, and perched delicately on the suds-sucking lovely, above.

Explains Urban,

By reusing empty beer bottles, these goggles are a playful take on eyewear. Pick out your favorite beer, or even make the selection based upon an interesting glass (think Delirium), then either drink it down or send it to me and I’ll take care of it, and the construction of Beer Goggles will begin. Then I will fit any prescription or tint of lenses into the frames and they will be ready to wear out to your local pub.

beye6But it’s easy to see, just looking around, that Urban has an eye for whimsy. (Oooo…I’m gooood.) His “B-Eye-Cycle” frames, right, recycle one of our two-wheeled friends, neatly saving part of its electroplated carcass from the junkyard. With all of his frames, “Every pair stands alone as an absolute original, born from my hands, to live on the bridge of your nose.”

And if your style is less Elton John, more Clark Kent, Urban, as they say in Paris, is even plus your man: inverno2Rest yer jellies on his classic-from-the-future “Inverno,” right, sculpted from deeply-hued ebony wood, one of several dozen vintage designs this maestro displays on his web site. Almost all are gently bent from hawaiian koa, olivewood, che chen, lignum vitae, cocobolo, and other woods native to places you can’t afford to visit during an economic downturn.

But you can sure swing a pair of his made-just-for-you frames! Prices start at $500 a pair, not including lenses, and, depending on materials, lead up from there. Do definitely check out this sublime craftsman’s work. Just like putting on the old beer goggles, I think you’ll like what you see.




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