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Margaret B. Jones Lies All
Margaret Seltzer: Liar, yes; fraud, affirmative…but sex symbol?

As you’ve perhaps noticed, our little MEDIA ASSASSIN YouTube, “Margaret B. Jones / Seltzer’s Lie-All Gangsta Video—Exposed!”, which debuted exactly ten days ago, with an accompanying breakdown of the imaginary memoirist’s tall tales, became something of a sensation, returning the blog’s highest page view numbers to date.

Thank you, everyone.

NY MagAs I write this, thanks in large part to sites like, right, the clip has also been watched 19,048 times, which, in the purest terms, flatly stupefies me.

I’m astonished because I distinctly remember both a) the moment when the view counter said “1,” and b) wondering if anyone would care about this piece of footage. I mean, it’s just a video of a woman, sitting in one spot, talking, for ten minutes.

But while 19,048 is, like, less than 1/385th of the 7,377,144 views Will.I.Am’s “Yes We Can” has to date, on one location—not including another 6 million views on other pages—I’d argue that Seltzer is a much more compelling view. Perhaps mostly due to this, MEDIA ASSASSIN now regularly floats among the top 200,000 blogs. Boing Boing and Huffington Post, we’re on your tail.

Another reaction that genuinely surprised me—mostly, I think, because of how long I’d lived with the clip, and, thus, with Seltzer as an object of relative contempt—was the interested response to her as a woman, specifically to…uh…her, uh, her “big homies.”

It hadn’t escaped my attention that Seltzer was well-endowed; I’d referred to her as “buxom” and “zaftig” in the piece. Nor did her physical charms deflect the derision of the blogosphere once they heard and saw her speak. Most of the comments I read addressed the fakeness of her performance, and the question of how she’d been able to do it with a straight face, as I expected.

Sad Margaret…”I love art.”But, I also think the sight of her as flesh-and-blood, in a tight white tee—as opposed to the morose-looking flat still, cut off at the shoulders, right—caught many [men] by surprise, moving some bloggers to wax eloquent.

“Margaret B Jones has Ginormous Cans” wrote slunch. “Get off Peggy Seltzer’s nuts,” editorialized XXL‘s Byron Crawford, before launching into a raunchy treatise on the proclivities of white girls who wear doorknocker earrings.

“Maybe she was counting on her large bazongas distracting us from her distinct lack of native American-ness and street authenticity,” wrote one commenter on “Those are the only ‘real’ things about her,” said another. “I didn’t know they could stack Wonderbread that high,” said a third. “Oh, was she speaking?” quoth a fourth.

Enough of that. I’m going to miss Margaret “B. Jones” Seltzer. I wish someone would re-release her book. Indeed, in a perfect world, I’d buy the film rights. I think Love & Consequences should be a movie. From what I’ve read, if you just shot it as it’s written, it would be the craziest thing to watch. Maybe Judd Apatow could direct.

Whatever happens, long may she wave.

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