Green with Rage.


That’s more like it.

There’s nothing like a movie that knocks it out of the park on the very first trailer. That wasn’t The Incredible Hulk, though. It was too dark, it looked cheap, and, aside from a geographically fruity rendition of Harlem’s 125th St., was completely uninteresting.

I’m going to give you such a pinch!

They get it right on trailer 2, above. What comes through is a very pissed, very destructive Hulk, in action. You don’t need more than that! It’s not in the mind-blowing league of Iron Man or Speed Racer, but they’ve got my money, baby. Opens June 13th.


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#1 THE OBENSON REPORT on 05.13.08 at 11:39 am

Trailer 2 was definitely better than trailer 1. I still can’t quite get over the CG Hulk routine. I know it’s probably the only (or at least the most cost-effective) way to create him in all his grandiose, mercurial glory, BUT, man, the technology draws attention to itself and takes me out of the movie. Somehow Lou Ferrigno covered in green paint, with bushy eyebrows and a wig seemed much more real and thus scarier to me. I’ll still be there on June 13th with my $12 though!

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