#gXd: Is Hip-Hop Getting Better, Or Worse? Or Is It The Same? Or Is It Simply A Matter Of What You Like?

The majority of all human output is of average quality, or trash. A small amount of it is excellent. What we remember most, though, is what excited us, and moved us.

So, like René suggests, was hip-hop in the past—the Pre-Wax Era, the Pioneer Era, the Golden Era, the Gangsta Era, the Baller Era—better? Or is it that you just really remember the parts you liked? Or is it that you just don’t like what you’re hearing because you liked what you heard? Or do you like what’s coming out nowadays more?

What are your thoughts?


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#1 bboycult on 08.09.12 at 2:57 pm

I am a creature of the 90’s….but I will say this; in 2012, what’s TRUE is just as bangin and powerful as it was then. Ka -Grief Pedigree, Oddisee-People See What they See, Big KRIT, Joey Bada$$ and a lot more; HipHop music is alive all day in 2012

I don’t mean; keeping it real or that they’re personas are true and what have you. I mean that the music is HONEST/TRUE point blank period. And THAT is the music that raised me bboys/bgirls.

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