#gXd: Fear Of A Black Planet?

Americans travel less than almost any other people on Earth.

Most of the hip-hop ever made was created in America, its birthplace.

What are the implications of these two facts for touring, and the benefits artists can derive from going abroad?



#1 Elijah Green on 08.07.12 at 11:33 pm

The implications to me prompt me to point out that most of America’s gnp to the world is cultural. I furthermore believe that blacks in America since producing cotton have been a producer for some of these cultural offerings for a long time e.g. music, and in particular Jazz and Hip Hop, which mind you if one desires to experience, almost must travel abroad to witness folks still maintaining the original tenets of these arts.

In general the arrogance of American Culture due to it’s Imperial designs of, and on the world, has created an invisible containment field for more Americans who probably don’t see a need to go abroad to places they more than likely perceive to be a 3rd or 2nd world of sorts.

The concept of a global village may be gaining effect through technology which is equalizing the playing field in information proliferation, but Americans seem to feel “more equal”.

As for the rappers (which is a whole other discussion), as they loose relevance with their statewide audience they will ad uber miles to their passport and frequent flying trust me!

#2 Vusi Moyo on 08.08.12 at 7:07 pm

I’m a testament to the global pervasiveness of Hip Hop. I grew up in Africa, only moving to the U.S. in my very late teens and remember being in a club in 2001, knowing all the words to Juicy by Biggie, and someone asking me, “Didn’t you grow up in Africa? How do you know the words to this?” A lot of Hip Hops core messages are universal, even if the language isn’t. And yes, artists who don’t leave the country to tour are making a mistake. Some would be shocked to see how well they’d be received abroad.

The benefit of going abroad is the same for Hip Hop artists as it is for anyone else – exposure = growth.

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